HELCOM TRADE Ltd. Varazdin is a trading company registered for production, commerce, and services with 31 years of tradition. Our primary business is the distribution and sale of paints and varnishes for professional and personal use. Since 1992, the company has provided customers with high-quality and efficient coating solutions for the protection and decoration of wood, metal, concrete, interior and exterior ceilings, and facades; special coatings for the metal and wood industry; personal and commercial vehicles, as well as tools and accessories for professional painters, car-refinishers, and body shops.

Family-owned company HELCOM TRADE Ltd. was founded on January 28th, 1992, by Mr. Jurisa Izidor. Since then, the company has been a regional distributor of the chemical industry HELIOS TBLUS Ltd. Slovenia, and it distributes HELIOS products in the Northwestern and Eastern parts of Croatia.

The founder and owner of the company, Mr. Izidor Jurisa (1950-2021), successfully led the company until his retirement in 2010, when he was succeeded by his daughter, Martina Jurisa, in place of Company Director. The company currently employs 37 employees and has its own fully equipped warehouse facilities and delivery vehicles, as well as a chain of specialized stores with paint mixing stations.


Helcom trade d.o.o.

The headquarters of HELCOM TRADE Ltd. is in Varazdin, Gospodarska 40, with the company's management and wholesale division, retail management, accounting and finance department, commercial and logistics department, high-volume wholesale warehouse, an industrial coating mixing station with a semi-automatic aerosol filling system, and one of the nine specialized retail stores.

All the HELCOM TRADE Ltd. retail shops are equipped with systems for tinting and mixing coatings that are used in the metal and wood industry, for interior and exterior surface protection and decoration, and for car varnishes, which can also be filled into aerosols at the customer's request.

The professional and friendly staff at HELCOM TRADE stays always at your disposal and we will gladly accompany you with advice when selecting the most suitable coating system for high-quality and effective protection of targeted surfaces as well as advising you on appropriate techniques to achieve the desired results with decorative coatings and techniques for your home and office.


Our mission is to consistently ensure the availability of high-quality and efficient products, advice, and solutions for the protection and decoration of interior and exterior surfaces and vehicles, with a particular focus on employee and consumer education and safety, environmental protection, a pleasant working environment, and socially responsible business practices.


Our vision of HELCOM TRADE Ltd. is to become and be recognized as an exceptional employer and a high-integrity business partner that consistently fulfills its commitments. We are dedicated to building a well-organized, stable, and efficient organization where all processes run smoothly and meet expectations. An organization that consistently fulfills its mission in every aspect, providing customers with the expected level of quality in products and services, offering suppliers a secure and reliable partnership, and creating a pleasant and safe working environment for employees. It is an organization where employees are content, suppliers are satisfied with their collaboration, customers are happy, and it contributes positively to the community in all its endeavors.


What is important to us, our measure of correctness for all the decisions we make and implement, are the following values, which must never be compromised:

  • Employee, customer, supplier, environmental, and financial safety comes first.
  • The quality of products, services, information, and advice we provide to our customers must be at a high professional level.
  • Efficiency saves time, energy, and health, and is reflected in a pleasant and neat working environment and efficient business activities carried out by educated and satisfied employees.
  • We provide and expect honesty, integrity, and accountability in our actions and decisions.

As a result of secure, quality-driven, efficient, and ethically sound business decisions and activities, profit is eventually generated. This profit allows us to invest in the development and enhancement of our business operations, reward our employees, create new job opportunities, and build a better society by supporting animal and environmental protection and humanitarian organizations and activities.