AVTOCOL putty soft

Product code: 45-1256V

AVTOCOL putty soft is a two-component polyester putty, designed to fill and repair larger and smaller uneven metal surfaces. Mix the putty and hardener in a ratio of 100 : 2, at lower temperatures in a ratio 100 : 3. Mix the mixture well and apply it to a metal substrate at about 20 °C. Mixed putty is suitable for application from 5 to 10 minutes. Apply the putty with a spatula on a dry, sanded and cleaned substrate. After 30 to 60 minutes, sand the surface with sandpaper 60 – 80, then 150 and then smooth with sandpaper 280 – 360. For a better finished look of the repaired surface we recommend application of one or two coats of TESSAROL universal UNI primer. Finally, protect the repaired surface with a TESSAROL Metal Express coating.

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