COLOR quick-drying varnish

Product code: 45-1241V

COLOR quick-drying varnish is water-based clear topcoat that protects new and old wooden surfaces, veneered and solid furniture indoors, and after applying COLOR quick-drying primer. It is characterized by easy use and quality protection of interior wooden objects. It can be applyed to wooden surfaces with a brush or spray, in one or two layers. Stir the varnish well before use, diluting with water, if necessary, up to a maximum of 10%. The temperature of the air and the object at the time of painting must be at least 15 ° C, and the relative humidity at most 75%. The coating is ready for the next coat after 4 hours. We recommend light interlayer sanding. Clean the tool with water immediately after use. Make sure that the varnish does not freeze during storage.

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