SPEKTRA Level Medium Light

Product code: 11-1105

SPEKTRA Level Medium Light is a ready-made dispersion levelling compound, suitable for levelling interior wall and ceiling surfaces. Containing light fillers, it is 30% lighter at the same volume, and it covers an approximately 30% greater surface in comparison with standard levelling compounds. It has excellent adhesion to all types of mineral surfaces, is elastic and very easy to apply and stretch; due to its high thixotropy, it does not shrivel and fills larger holes and pores perfectly.


  • 30% lighter than standard levelling compounds
  • 30% more levelled wall surfaces
  • 30% less stress on wall surfaces
  • suitable for manual and machine application
  • levelling up to a thickness of 4 mm in two coats
  • suitable for Q1 – Q4 treatment of plasterboard
  • easy treatment and sanding


  • 2 coats with a total thickness of 2 mm require 0.9 – 1.3 kg/m2

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