Product code: 10-1168

Environmentally friendly enamel for decorating and protecting ceramic tiles and glass surfaces in kitchens, bathrooms and lavatories, and other indoor surfaces (PVC, thinned sheet, aluminium). The product is ready to use and is applied directly to the substrate by a brush, roller or spraying. No primer application is necessary.

TESSAROL CERAMIX is suitable for short-term contact with water on vertical surfaces (that drain), but it must not be in continuous contact with water. This product is not suitable for painting horizontal and floor surfaces, self-cleaning ceramic tiles, saunas and steam rooms etc.


  • resistant to household cleaning agents
  • good mechanical characteristics
  • satin finish
  • eco-friendly
  • quick drying with no unpleasant odours


  • 1 L covers 10–12 m2 of surface in 1 coat.

Surface: concrete, metal, plastic, glass,

Shade: white,

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